Enrique Griffin

Can Grandparents Have a Say in Divorce Parenting Orders?


Grandparents can often develop a very deep relationship with their grandkids and may become particularly worried if the parents are about to go through a divorce. The elders may clearly be concerned about the grandchildren's welfare and may also worry if they will be able to spend as much quality time as before. If you're in this position, can you have any input into the negotiations at this stage? Being Involved in Parenting Orders

19 July 2022

Can You Claim Compensation If Your Car Runs into the Back of Another?


When one car driver runs into the back of another, the legal system may automatically assume that the rearmost was at fault. The logic would appear to be that as the driver of the second vehicle could see the first one, they should have taken avoiding action or not have been driving without proper care and attention. However, this may not always be the correct analysis, and if you were the driver of the second vehicle and sustained an injury, you may be looking at your options.

17 June 2022